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Values: Strong principles in the real estate sector



Creativity is the basis for finding and realizing value

We question prevailing opinions in the real estate sector and take many different points into consideration when analyzing each investment. This approach enables us to find potential in investments which other market participants do not realize using conventional investment strategies.



Open communication is the starting point for working with our partners

Real estate markets are seldom transparent, which makes it all the more necessary for initiators to show a high level of transparency. We promote a culture of open communication with all our stakeholders – clients, employees, co-investors, and suppliers, as well as public institutions and professional associations. This not only improves the quality of our decision-making, but also makes our investments more reliable, more effective, and more valuable.



Outstanding results require responsibility

Everything we do is based on the utmost integrity, with which we pursue a holistic and consistent approach to our values, principles, and activities. Thus, we treat our stakeholders’ interests as equal to our own and achieve successful and sustainable results. In this regard, responsibility is the key to outstanding performance in the creation and realization of excellent investment opportunities.


N A S Invest is based on the real estate activities of the Dëus-von Homeyer and Weber families, which date back to the early 1970s. Having built up their business in West Berlin while Germany was still partitioned, they extended their investments to the new German states (neue Bundesländer) and their metropolitan regions after reunification. From the very start, they focused on homes and business premises, and they have increasingly added office-only properties to their portfolio over the years.

Established in 2014 to pursue the investment activities of the two families, N A S Invest now acts as a real estate investor and asset manager for a large number of institutional and qualified investors.