Oliver Zimper will be in charge of the Investment & Asset Management business divisions.

He previously served as Managing Director of RFR Group in Germany.

Managing Partner Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer acts as Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO) in a dual role together with Oliver Zimper while also serving in the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Oliver Zimper has been appointed Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of NAS Invest Group as of 01 October 2018, and will be responsible for the Investment & Asset Management business divisions. At the same time, Managing Partner Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer has assumed the newly created role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and will control the business divisions Corporate Development, Operations and Finance. In their joint roles as Co-CEOs, the two will mastermind the future development of NAS Invest Group. A capital increase in the group holding that was subscribed by Zimper makes them partners of equal shares, together with the Weber family.

As part of the new structure, the NAS Invest Group will expand its investment focus to include core properties in Germany’s metropolises. “I am very pleased to say that we were able to win Oliver Zimper for the job. His recruitment marks yet another step in the ongoing expansion of our product spectrum for institutional investors,” emphasised Dëus-von Homeyer.

“I have long followed the trajectory of NAS Invest Group and have already been advising them in my function as member of the Advisory Board since 2017. I am therefore convinced that I will be able to commit my entrepreneurial experience to drive the group’s growth in a structured approach,” Zimper added.

At age 45, Zimper brings long-term expertise in the German and European real estate industry to the job. Prior to his transfer to NAS Invest Group, he was in charge of the Transactions and Asset Management divisions as Managing Director of RFR Group in Germany. In his prior position as CIO of TRIUVA (formerly IVG Institutional Funds), Zimper was responsible for assets worth more than 12 billion euros and made a name for himself with club deals such as “Silberturm,” “Prime Portfolio” or “Gallileo” in Frankfurt. Elsewhere in Europe, he transacted real estate deals in a total volume of more than 25 billion euros. Other career stations of his included STAM Europe and the DEGI real estate investment company, which has since been renamed Aberdeen.

About NAS Invest Group

As a property investor and investment manager with a historically proven track record, NAS Invest sources, structures and manages real estate investments in the role of General Partner and Sponsor for its co-investing institutional and semi-institutional clients. Via its offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Zurich, the main investment focus for NAS Invest lies in commercial real estate opportunities located in the most rapidly developing cities and metropolitan areas in Germany and Northern Europe.

More information may be found at: www.nas-invest.com