Office property acquisitions in the amount of about EUR 100 million

Sales in the amount of circa EUR 200 million

For 2018, the company targets acquisitions of between EUR 150 and 300 million including via portfolio transactions

NAS Invest Group completed the financial year successfully with property transactions totalling about EUR 300 million in 2017. The inception of its commercial property fund “BR-NAS German Mittelstand Properties RAIF-SICAV” marked several important strategic milestones and gives family offices, high net worth individuals as well as institutional investors access to the German commercial property market.

The strategy focused mainly on acquiring commercial properties in 2017. Since the inception of the fund in the first quarter of 2017, the BR-NAS German Mittelstand Properties – a Luxembourg-based joint venture with BlueRock Group – has added six office buildings and health centres for a total EUR 85 million to the fund portfolio. The fund’s investment strategy is mainly geared towards office buildings and health centres in Germany’s thriving metropolitan regions that are occupied by small and mid-sized companies and offer a broad tenant mix – these properties tend to offer attractive risk return profiles and stable cash flows. The fund targets assets under management (AUM) of between EUR 250 and EUR 400 million overall.

NAS Invest also bought properties for other strategies in 2017 spending close to EUR 15 million overall. This brought the property investment manager’s total AUM to EUR 250 million with 20 properties across Germany with a total floor space of over 100,000 square metres. “2007 has seen a strategic repositioning that led to the sale of retail properties, the expansion of our residential portfolio and a focus on office buildings and health centres,” says Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer, Managing Partner at NAS Invest.

Outlook 2018

Over the coming year, NAS Invest Group expects to spend EUR 150 to 300 million on acquisitions under its commercial property strategy. “The investment outlook in the commercial property segment will remain compelling in 2018. We want to grow further, both on a stand-alone basis as NAS Invest and together with our joint venture partners,” comments Dëus-von Homeyer. To achieve its growth objectives, the company will increasingly look to make portfolio acquisitions next year. The opening new offices is also expected to contribute to growing the business.

Strategic growth will be further facilitated by an advisory committee initiated in April last year. It consists of Dieter Becken, Oliver Zimper and Steffen Ricken, three experienced real estate experts.

About NAS Invest Group

As a property investor and investment manager with a historically proven track record, NAS Invest sources, structures and manages real estate investments in the role of General Partner and Sponsor for its co-investing institutional and semi-institutional clients. Via its offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Zurich, the main investment focus for NAS Invest lies in commercial real estate opportunities located in the most rapidly developing cities and metropolitan areas in Germany and Northern Europe.

More information may be found at: www.nas-invest.com