Dieter Becken, Oliver Zimper and Steffen Ricken advise the management board on how to structure the company’s continued growth

Real estate professionals with long-term corporate experience

NAS Invest Group, a German real estate investor and asset manager with offices in Berlin and Frankfurt/Main, set up a company advisory board and recruited three renowned senior executives from Germany’s real estate industry for it. In their roles as advisory board members, Oliver Zimper, Steffen Ricken and Dieter Becken advise the management board of NAS Invest Group on the continued growth of the company and the implementation of the growth strategy. The three advisory board members bring comprehensive experience as entrepreneurs in different sectors of the real estate industry to the job. “We have been affiliated with each of them through long-term business relationships, and are glad and proud to have them facilitate our ongoing development as advisory board members,” said Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer, Managing Partner of NAS Invest Group.

Dieter Becken is the owner of Becken Holding GmbH, a Hamburg-based company for project development and asset management that he founded in 1978. For decades, Becken Holding has counted among the leading players on Hamburg’s real estate market, and today operates branch offices in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Munich.

Steffen Ricken and Oliver Zimper are senior executives of RFR Group in Germany. Both previously worked for Triuva Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (formerly: IVG Institutional Funds GmbH) where Ricken served as CEO while Zimper headed the investment sector as CIO.

The advisory board will assist the management board of NAS Invest Group within the framework of statutory meetings and on an ongoing basis.

About NAS Invest Group

As a property investor and investment manager with a historically proven track record, NAS Invest sources, structures and manages real estate investments in the role of General Partner and Sponsor for its co-investing institutional and semi-institutional clients. Via its offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Zurich, the main investment focus for NAS Invest lies in commercial real estate opportunities located in the most rapidly developing cities and metropolitan areas in Germany and Northern Europe.

More information may be found at: www.nas-invest.com