Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer assumes the role of COO

Oliver Zimper takes responsibility for operational investment business as CIO

Frankfurt/Main, 20 September 2019. Steffen Ricken has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and shareholder of the investor and asset manager NAS Invest. The 49-year-old is to expand the cooperation with the capital partners and drive forward the strategic development of the company together with his business partners Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer and Oliver Zimper.

Steffen Ricken has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. From 2016 to 2019 he was Managing Director of RFR Management GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. Until 2016, he was CEO of the former IVG Institutional Funds (later TRIUVA), one of the largest real estate capital management companies in Germany.

With Ricken joining the company, the management has undergone a strategic reorientation. Former Co-CEOs Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer and Oliver Zimper take over the duties of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer. This is intended to ensure a further focus on the respective business units.

About NAS Invest Group

As a property investor and investment manager with a historically proven track record, NAS Invest sources, structures and manages real estate investments in the role of General Partner and Sponsor for its co-investing institutional and semi-institutional clients. Via its offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Zurich, the main investment focus for NAS Invest lies in commercial real estate opportunities located in the most rapidly developing cities and metropolitan areas in Germany and Northern Europe.

More information may be found at: www.nas-invest.com